Razumovskyi Anatolyi

Razumovskyi Anatolyi

Team Lead, System Architect, Senior PHP-Developer

  • Age 32
  • In WEB-developing since 2007 year
  • Living Germany, Wismar (citizen of Ukraine)
  • Language skills Russian - Native
    English - Pre-intermediate
  • Email nepsterxxx@mail.ru
  • nepsterweb
  • nepsterweb
  • nepster-web
  • nepster-web
  • nepster-web

Basically, I specialize in the development of WEB-projects, mainly using PHP technology. I have rudimentary skills to create and manage a full cycle of WEB-project development.

Professional skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • LESS
  • SCSS
  • Gulp
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Page making
  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Lumen
  • Laminas
  • Yii
  • Mezzio
  • Doctrine2
  • Twig
  • CLI
  • PHPUnit
  • PSR
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • OOP
  • DDD
  • Nginx
  • GraphQL
  • Rest Api
  • Git
  • Debian
  • Docker

Work experience

02.2017 - 05.2022


Team Lead and System Architect

I take part in the development of a large-scale project in the field of travel. The peculiarity of the project is a wide coverage of travel topics and an extensive stack of development technologies.

Used: JavaScript (jQuery, Gulp) PHP (Laravel5, Lumen, Mezzio, cli, Doctrine2, twig, PSR, PHPUnit) DDD PostgreSQL Nginx GraphQL RabbitMQ Docker SCRUM
02.2016 - 12.2016

Re-bit Digital

Full Stack WEB-Developer

I performed tasks related to the development, adjustment and optimization of various WEB-resources.
I was developing in a team of several people.

Used: HTML CSS(SCSS) JavaScript (jQuery, Gulp) PHP (Yii1, Zend1, Yii2, Laravel5, cli, cron) MySQL Nginx Payment System API
09.2015 - 01.2016


Full Stack WEB-Developer and co-founder

Together with my colleagues, I founded a startup related to investments and network marketing.
I was mainly engaged in WEB development, technical support and led a team of several people.

Used: HTML CSS(LESS) JavaScript(jQuery, Grunt) PHP(Yii2, cli, cron, nested set, PHPUnit) MySQL Memcached Redis Nginx REST API Node.js Payment System API
11.2013 - 09.2015


Full Stack WEB-Developer

I took part in the development of the project (bulletin board for short and long-term rental apartments) with a large code base. I led a team of three persons.

Used: HTML CSS(LESS) JavaScript(jQuery, Grunt) PHP(Yii2, cli, cron, twig) MySQL Memcached Nginx Node.js Payment System API
08.2012 - 09.2013

"Инкриз Украина"

Full Stack WEB-Developer

In a team of two people, I developed and supported a project for the provision of services in the field of network marketing.

Used: HTML CSS JavaScript(jQuery) PHP(Yii1, cli, cron, nested set) MySQL Nginx Payment System API
09.2011 - 05.2012


Computer course teacher

I prepared the curriculum for the course and conducted trainings with groups of different ages.

Used: HTML CSS JavaScript PHP
09.2009 - 05.2012



I developed small presentation sites for sales representatives in the field of network marketing and advertising.

Used: HTML CSS JavaScript(jQuery) PHP(CodeIgniter) MySQL Apache2
09.2007 - 04.2009


Site Administrator

I configured and maintained several WEB-resources (using CMS) for earning on contextual advertising.

Used: HTML CSS cms-DLE


09.2018 - 12.2021

Computer science

Odessa National Polytechnic University

Received a master's degree in IT project management.

09.2008 - 09.2012


University "Ukraine"

Received a bachelor's Degrees in Marketing.


I wrote several articles on https://habr.com.

Sometimes I take part in various conferences as a speaker.
Slides from public presentations at conferences can be found at the link and https://github.com.

Becoming history

I first became interested in web development at school, back in 2006. When the first Internet was connected, I immediately became interested in how web sites are created and work. Since then, my path as a WEB-Developer has begun.

As a student, I continued to independently study web technologies that were interesting to me, developed the first startup, spoke at several conferences, received my first commercial experience and managed to work as a teacher of computer courses. During this time I have developed such qualities as: perseverance, improvisation, initiative and responsibility.

Further, I continued to develop and mainly worked with freelance offers on project development from scratch. Most of the time, I worked alone, but sometimes I collaborated with colleagues in a team of several people. After some time, I managed to accumulate some experience and emphasize a few more qualities: perfectionism, the desire to improve own skills and leadership qualities.

Over time, I participated in the development of many projects of different directions. I have always tried to develop, learn new tools and approaches in web development. And more recently, I have delved deeper into architectural design and especially in DDD.

After that, I took the position of Team Lead and System Architect in a small startup Travellizy, which is rapidly developing and evolving into a major international travel project. I manage to observe and take part in building the business processes of a large company. At the momet, I continue to participate in the development of this project.

My interests

My most important hobby is my occupation and development in it. I try to constantly develop, learn new approaches and tools, and sometimes speak at small conferences as a speaker. My role in the company and relationships in the team are very important for me.

Based on the specifics of mental activity, I try to devote time to sports and outdoor activities. I really like active collective events with a bit of excitement.

In general, the range of my interests is quite wide, however, I will highlight some of the most significant and interesting hobbies for me:

  • WEB-development WEB-development
  • Negative attitude towards smoking Negative attitude towards smoking
  • Gym Gym
  • Active leisure Active leisure
  • Movie Movie
  • Deberc Deberc
  • Communication Communication
  • Fighting Fighting